When will my eligibility end (Loss of Eligibility)?

Unless extended as the result of total disability, your eligibility for benefits will terminate on the earlier of:

End of any month during which the number of credited hours and the hours in your reserve account actually total less than the minimum required monthly hours;

♦ The date the Plan terminates;

♦ The date you enter full-time military service in excess of thirty (30) days, or

The last day of the calendar month in which you cease to be either disabled or available for work through the Local Union.

When do I become eligible for benefits?

If you are a Glazier your are eligible for benefits under this Trust on the first day of the month following any three (3) or more consecutive months in which you have been reported as having worked for participating Employers for a minimum of 420 hours, provided that some of the hours were worked during the first month of such qualifying period.


Your eligibility will continue so long as the combination of hours reported as worked and/or in reserve are greater than or equal to 140.


If you are a Floor Coverer, your eligibility is based on the following:

Plan Level A 145 hours per month             435 hours required for initial eligibility

Plan Level B 135 hours per month             405 hours required for initial eligibility

Plan Level C 125 hours per month             375 hours required for initial eligibility


If you are a Production worker, you are eligible for benefits the first day of the second calendar month following 146 hours reported.


If you are a Non-Bargaining employee, you are eligible the first day of the second calendar month following the required contribution.

Who are my eligible dependents?

Eligible dependents are your legal spouse or “registered Domestic Partner” and your unmarried children under the age of 26, including legally adopted child, stepchild or a child under your legal guardianship who resides in your household in a parent-child relationship and who depends on you for financial support.

Which are my Medical Plan options?

Plan A offers Medical, Dental & Vision for dental you have a choice of HMO or PPO for dental

Plan B offers Medical Dental & Vision for dental only HMO offered

Plan C offers  Medical only

What benefits does this Plan offer?

This Plan is a Health & Welfare Plan which provides death, hospital, surgical, medical, and dental and vision benefits for eligible active employees and their dependents.