Floor Coverers, Plan Levels A, B and C

If you are a Floor Coverer, you are eligible for benefits under this Trust on the first day of the month following any three (3) or more consecutive months in which you have been reported as having worked for participating Employers for a minimum of 375 hours, provided that some of the hours were worked during the first month of such qualifying period. Below are the minimum hour requirements per plan level:


Plan Level A 145 Hours per month   435 Hours required for initial eligibility

Plan Level B 135 Hours per month    405 Hours required for initial eligibility

Plan Level C 125 Hours per month    375 Hours required for initial eligibility


Example of Initial Eligibility Calculation for Plan Level C:


Work Month Hours Reported Eligibility Month Status
January 2015 50   Not Eligible
February 2015 150   Not Eligible
March 2015 175 May 2015 Initial Eligibility Established


Your eligibility will continue so long as the combination of hours reported as worked and/or in reserve are greater than or equal to the amount of hours required for the level selected.  If you select a Plan Level that you cannot maintain thought 12 months because you do not work enough hours, you may lose coverage.  If you do not make a Plan Level selection, you will automatically be assigned to Plan Level C.