Production Workers, Plan Level A

If you are a Production Worker, you are eligible for benefits under this Trust on the first day of the second month following receipt of the required contributions from participating Employer for a minimum of 146 hours worked per month.


Example of Eligibility Calculation:


Work Month Hours Reported Eligibility Month Status
January 2015 50 March 2015 Not Eligible
February 2015 150 April 2015 Eligible
March 2015 145 May 2015 Not Eligible


Your eligibility will continue so long as work hours are greater than or equal to 146 hours per month. Note: no reserve hour bank available.


These are the minimum hour requirements for coverage as of the time of preparation of this document and are subject to change.


With the consent of the Trustees, all full-time officials and full-time Employees who are employed by the signatory Local Union may also be covered.