How do I report additional hours for a prior month?

Generate a monthly employer report form indicating “Additional Hours”.  If the original report was timely you will not be assessed liquidated damages or interest.  However, if your original report was late your report will be assessed liquidated damages and interest.

How do I request a waiver for liquidated damages?

To request a waiver for liquidated damages you must submit your request in writing on company letterhead stating the reason the report and payment were delinquent.  The letter may mailed to Glaziers, Architectural Metal & Glass Workers Resilient Floor & Decorative Covering Workers Local 1399
Health & Welfare Trust, 1055 Park View Drive, Suite 111, Covina, CA 91724; or sent electronically to The waiver request will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the next trustee meeting and you will be notified by U.S. mail if the waiver was approved or denied.

What happens if I become delinquent with contributions?

If you become delinquent you will receive a series of letters and phone calls from the Trust Fund attempting to ascertain the reason for the delinquency and when we can expect payment. If the situation cannot be resolved, or if you completely ignore all attempts to resolve the matter with the Trust Fund, then the matter will be turned over to Legal Counsel for collection. You should be advised that under ERISA, you may then be liable for all attorneys fees and costs, interest, as well as liquidated damages.

Do I have to mail my contribution reports and payment or can they be hand-delivered?

Contribution reports are mailed with a return envelope for your convenience, but you may also hand-deliver or over-night mail your report and payment to 1055 Park View Drive, Suite 111, Covina, CA 91724.  A receipt will be issued to you upon hand-delivery.  Please note payments must be made by check, money order, or cashier’s check.  The Trust Fund Office cannot accept cash or credit card payments.  Please also note that over-night mail cannot be sent to the P. O. Box address.

Why is the charge so huge for being one day late?

A liquidated damage assessment will be the same whether your payment is one day late or thirty-one days late. The provisions of the collective bargaining agreement provide for an assessment of liquidated damages based on unpaid contributions.

Why am I charged liquidated damages?

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, reports are considered late if not received by the 25th of the month, and are assessed applicable late charges

What if I cannot pay my contributions on time?

If you cannot pay your contributions on time, it is imperative that you send the original contribution report without payment and a letter explaining the reason why the contributions will not be remitted at this time.  The letter should also include when you expect to remit payment. The Trust Fund will be in contact with you regarding payment of these contributions but it is imperative that we receive the contribution report since the data contained on this report is the basis for eligibility for your employees. Notification to the Trust Fund of your inability to pay the contributions in a timely manner will not relieve you of any liquidated damages and/or interest that may be assessed.

Do I have to use the Fund’s contribution reports or can I use my own worksheets when remitting contributions?

It is preferable that you use the contribution reports which we send you on a monthly basis. The reason for this is that the names of the employees appear in our computer system in the same order as they appear on the contribution reports. This makes entering the data into the computer much easier and less prone to error. If you are going to submit contributions on a worksheet that you have created, we request that you make sure the employees are listed in alphabetical order with social security numbers.  The hours and wages should be displayed next to each name.  When submitting a self-generated report be sure to attached our report to the back or your report.

Who pays full fringes and on which agreements?

If employees are working under a  Master Labor Agreement (MLA), Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA), Project Labor Agreement (PLA) you pay full fringes for all hours worked for journeymen, core employees and apprentices.   However, if employees are working under a Participation Agreement to train apprentices you will pay full fringes for the apprentices.  For core employees and journeymen you will submit training/apprentice contributions only.  After closing accounting the monies are distributed to the entities on behalf of the employee.